Creating Your Vision For the Relationship You Want to Attract

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“The law of attraction assures us that we have the power to create our own successful relationships, despite our past history, our physical appearance, or our family patterns and conditioning… A vision board that focuses on love allows you to tap into your ongoing self-discovery, or what is called ‘heartwork,’ rekindling your relationship with your own soul and heart’s desires.” -Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Once the unhealed relationship memories, limiting beliefs and painful feelings have begun to heal, using some of the strategies suggested in the previous article in this series, you can begin to give energy to your dream about what you want in a relationship.

A vision board can help you give weight to the dream, anchor and support it.

But first, spend some time imagining this relationship you want. What will it be like? What will the two of you be life together?

Get clear on exactly what you want.

Identifying What You Don’t Want

Sometimes it helps to start with getting clear about what you don’t want. If you are reading through this article series, “Healing Your Relationship Wounds Once and for All”, you have identified some relationship memories that needed healing.

They may provide the inspiration here for clarity about what you are not looking for in your next relationship.

Identifying What You Want, Instead

Then, as you dream a little dream about what you would rather have, instead, get it down on paper.

Do you want to date, get married or have a commitment ceremony? Do you hope that you and your partner will live together first? Describe what you want in as much detail as you can. Write your vision down and state it in present tense, as if it has come to you already.

You could even create a vision scene that looks back on how you met, how the relationship developed, etc.

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board, using pictures, words, thoughts, your vision itself, will help to anchor and attract the relationship you want to come to you. For a relationship-based vision board, Joyce Schwarz suggests pictures of roses and things in pairs to help create the energy of romance.

Journal Questions to Get You Started

1) What are 3 things you experienced in previous relationships that you definitely do not want in your next one?

2) What are 3 things you remember fondly from previous relationships that you would love to experience again in your next one?

3) In a paragraph or two, create your vision for what you want in your next relationship. Describe it as clearly and with as much rich detail as you can.

Remember that the only way to heal your relationship issues is to let go of the myth of the ideal, identify what needs to heal and find a way to heal it that works for you. For an audio meditation that will help with healing wounded relationships from the past and unresolved relationship issues, in general, go to Healing the Past and complete the form on that page.

Jeanine Byers Hoag is a hand analyst, midlife renaissance coach, holistic healing practitioner, ordained LGBT minister and author of the forthcoming The Life That’s Waiting for You: Four Simple Steps to Identifying and Living Your Life Purpose. Her website is

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