Four Things a Celebrity Can Teach Us About Love

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I know, you’re probably wondering…what in the world? A celebrity?  What could any celebrity teach me about love?  Celebrities are the most dysfunctional relationships ever seen.  True–in most cases, however, there are some things that celebrities can teach us about love and relationships, so let’s take a look.

One: Keep Your Relationship to Yourself…unless You’re Seeking Professional Help

Notice how the couples who can go the distance do so without spending their time under the lens of public scrutiny.  Sure, they may hit an occasional red carpet, but otherwise, “mum” is the word.  It’s quite the accomplishment to have a marriage or relationship last over 15 years in Tinseltown, but there are some couples who have done it.  Annette Bening and Warren Beatty (26 years) ; Angela Basset and Courtney Vance (22 years); Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks (30+).  On the other hand, the celebrity couples on reality TV, who are always in the limelight, are not so lucky.  These relationships often meet a pretty heinous demise.

As such is the case, when handling your relationship “business,”  it’s probably best to keep things to yourself–unless a professional is involved.

Two:  The Relationship Goals only matter if they are real!

People get involved in relationships for a myriad of reasons.  When it come to a celebrity relationship, these reasons can range from trite and trivial to the undeniable call of requited love.

For the rest of us mere mortals, a celebrity relationship could look like a great thing!  Fancy cars, clothes, and lots of moolah to throw around…who wouldn’t want that?  But like most goals, we have to ask ourselves if what we want from this relationship or in this relationship is realistic!  And if it’s not…move on to some goals that you can obtain…together!


Enjoy the love…

Three: The “Love” Has to go Beyond Looks

Yes, you want to be attracted to the person that you’re with, but if that’s all you’ve got…you don’t have much.  And yes, many of our celebrities have no choice but to work hard on their outward appearances; however, in the game of love, it’s what is inside that counts much more.  When considering your next companion, don’t let the looks be the determining factor.  Go deeper.  Consider who this person is on the inside:

  • Are they kind?
  • Are there beliefs/ideas/thoughts/goals/ect that you both share?
  • Do you respect their beliefs? (You don’t have to agree, but respect is key.)
  • Do you enjoy their company?
  • Do you have comparable work ethics?  (This may seem like a little thing, but it’s not.)

And the list goes on…

Four:  Being Great Together is Great!

For an example of not being great together, please see the movie Gigly, which was filmed prior to the demise of Ben Affleck and his then “Jen,” Jennifer Lopez.  But I digress…

Beyond being great together–do you inspire each other?  The best relationships happen when the two people in them are secure in their own identities and don’t mind being elevated.  For example, it has been said that Blake Lively, wife and celebrity “babymamma” to Ryan Reynolds was inspired by her hubby’s performance in Deadpool.  What was she inspired to do–some of her own stunts in The Shallows. (I’ve seen it, needed Valium.)

Not filming a blockbuster anytime soon?  Gotcha.  So, simply ask yourself if the person that you’re with inspires you, and subsequently, do they root for you?  Relationships require a fair amount of effort…the last thing you want to do is make it a competition. (Well, there are some healthy ways to do that, but this is not that post.)

In the end, you deserve your best love…ever, and these are just a few tips to help you get it!