More Than 140: Answering @Menlo5

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Twitter bud, @Menlo5 asks:

“Whats is the best approach when involved with “Relationship Girl”? Her entire identity is wrapped up in the relationship. 24/7-365.”

The Answer: This is a hard one.  The first issue is that this woman has no life, and didn’t have one before you met.  So, if this is now becoming an issue, you have to ask yourself if you can get past this fact and continue to have a relationship, or is it time to go our separate ways.  Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question for you, you have to answer it.  But before you do, consider a few things:

  • Why did you choose a woman who ultimately, didn’t bring her own world to your table?
  • What expectations did you, if any, create that may have caused her to believe that this is the answer to making you happy?
  • What would happen (and feel free to ask her), if you began to put distance between you and her, to allow her the time and opportunity to carve out a life for herself?

Some people are perfectly happy with a mate that is all about the relationship–for a while.  In the end, most men and women usually find it easier to be with someone who has their own world, and who can contribute to the world that we create as a couple.  But as for your question, there are some things that you have to consider before deciding how, or if to proceed.

Thanks for your question…keep me posted.