Online Dating – Get Ready! (By D. Collins)

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You’ve decided to join the online dating world. Millions of singles do it – why shouldn’t you. You sit down at the computer and fire up your search engine . . . that is where the trouble starts! How many dating sites are there?! With all these options how will you ever choose? It can be a bit intimidating! Here are a few tips to get you started:

Ask Friends

If you haven’t done so already – talk to your friends and co-workers about their online dating experiences. Most of us have at least one friend or acquaintance that has given it a try. Ask them which sites they’ve used and what they liked and disliked about each one. Remember, just because someone else doesn’t like a site doesn’t mean you won’t. There seems to be a site out there for anything you might be interested in. There are religious dating sites, golf dating sites, dating sites for pet owners, dating sites for shy people, adult dating sites – you name it, there is sure to be a site for it and that is a good thing. Dating sites reflect the personalities of their members.

Try Different Dating Sites

Register with several different dating sites and see what their members are like. Most sites that charge a fee to join: Match, True, eHarmony, run 7-day or 14-day Free Trials so take advantage of those to test a site out. Just be sure to read the fine print and cancel before you get charged for a membership you aren’t interested in. The best offers are those from dating sites that don’t require you to give them financial information (credit card, etc) to take advantage of the free trial.

Post a Dating Profile Photo

For the best results you have to post a recent photo on your dating profile. If you don’t like the idea of posting a photo for everyone that comes along to view – find a web site that doesn’t allow non-members to browse and search. is an online dating site that only allows registered members to search profiles and all members post photos on profiles.

Give It Some Time

When you find a site you like stick with it for a month or two and see how things go. If you still aren’t satisfied try another site.

Take a Break

It is a good idea to take a break from online dating from time to time if you aren’t getting the results you want. Online dating can be exhausting, so take some time off and try it again later. Membership changes constantly so don’t get too discouraged.

By trying out different dating sites you’ll quickly be able to find at least one that suits you and what you are looking for. Remember to set reasonable expectations – not every match will be a winner – but do have fun and enjoy meeting new people.

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