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So, Mr.Nice Guy, are…you…ready?

Here’s the great thing about our signature service, that we call Connecting©:

Connecting© is NOT your run-of-the-mill matchmaking service.  Our service requires that all inviduals involved in creating the connectiong be coach.  By integrating coaching into the connecting process, we substantially increase the likelihood of creating unions that are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally attracted to each other.

Additionally, Connecting© is NOT a long, drawn-out, process where are waiting and waiting for love to happen.  We’re striving for results in a 60 DAY span.  Now, while this is optimal, some client may take long, but that’s a decision that you can make before we begin to work for you.

Connecting© is a program that is designed to meet your needs for a real relationship.  We’re building relationships that last.  Connecting is not for the casual dater or even the serial monogamist.  Connecting is for real people looking for real love.  And, we’re ready to work our ROCKSTAR A***S off to make it happen!

You could be just 60 days away from the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE! Are…you…ready?

Start your application, or ask a question…we’re waiting for YOU!