Do Not Allow the Partner from Hell to Ruin Your Life

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Singles have to protect and rely on themselves for happiness, decision-making and particularly, when it comes to sex. However, for many singles, sex (or intercourse) becomes a barometer of their self-worth and the amount of love they give to themselves. This can make, in particular, a good hearted, trusting and/or insecure single very emotionally/ physically vulnerable and thus, an easy target for the partner from Hell. Therefore, knowledge and awareness become very crucial and important methods to protect and avoid disaster, a broken heart and other catastrophes. This article is designed to promote awareness as it’s topic is part of the psychological foundation of a happy, confident individual.

On one of the voyages of the two-mast schooner” Beagle”, Charles Darwin pondered about the various species and their evolution. Back at home, several months later, he began writing his book “the Origin of Species”.
We humans, the same as animals are also shaped by instincts and reflexes that guarantee the survival of our species. Most importantly notice that nature designed sex to be fun, so that it is repeated as often as possible. Well enough, this inherited instinctive behavior might have worked in favor of our species in the past, however for the modern individual 21st century, especially the single, having ‘sex without any brain’ can be a deadly undertaking, when we think of aids, murder and date rape. Thus, everyone who has also experienced a nasty, painful relationship experienced the lack of happiness, loss of quality of life and the missing peace of mind. In order to establish a successful and happy relationship, we first have to become aware of the immense variety of people and their nationalities, interests, values on life, sexual preferences, and so on. Additionally, the single has to be clear about the fact that many people have been emotionally damaged, either during childhood or during a previous nasty relationship. Often their emotional baggage burdens their future relationship and can damage future partners.

Singles, therefore need to become like a mind detective or a strategist to find and then ‘check out’ a compatible partner. On paper this process seems easy, however frequently our instinctive sexuality stands in our way to blur our judgments. After a long spell without sexual activity it is easy to feel excited about the prospect of having sex with a date, or at least fantasize about it, to be ready ‘when the time is right’. The reader might ask; “What is wrong with that. Women have legs, and breasts and men have broad shoulders and speak nice words, so what?”
A smart single has to be certain if their date is using their sexual hooks to market or shop around. For example, does having sex with a stranger come easy and are these nice promising words too good to be true? Some love-cheat and very desperate men and women become rather sophisticated in their methods of diverting away from the main issue: Can they be trusted?

Ask yourself some inner-questions about what is happening with your date. Try to be the fly on the wall and observe what has been said and done. A rather quick enticement to have sex often does not mean “that they love you”. It can be intended to hook you. Who wants to be caught like a fly in a spider’s web? Therefore remember you have a choice. Your heart (and your desires) might not agree with your mind and convince you to go ahead in your excitement to be sexual, but the fact is, you have to think before you act.

This smart approach comes either automatically after lots of misery, wasted time and loss of happiness or it can be learned and applied smartly, before damage can be done.
Every desire, need and fantasy starts within us. That means, we have to find the love within us, we only make love when we can trust and know the person, we have to fulfill our desires ourselves and not rely or demand this from the (future-) partner or date. People, dates and singles with many unfulfilled desires and hungry needs are very vulnerable to become victims of gold-diggers and love-cheats, who give the illusion of providing love, comfort, affection and safety. Once their victim is sexually hooked (and in the web), the fight for power quickly commences. In other words, the partner who is afraid the “sexy” partner from leaving gives automatically power to them. The greater the fear, the greater the leaving or threatening partner receives power.
Therefore the best method to protect and prevent an innocent good hearted, nice and honest single is to become psychologically whole, which in this instant means, finding safety within you.
It is the best self-insurance the singles has against the partner from Hell.

Norbert wants other people to avoid the partner from Hell through using a Smart Sex-Drive. Norbert Henke was borne in Germany and moved to Australia in 1982. He worked in many places of this huge and beautiful Australia as a ‘horse-whisperer’, stock man, truck-driver and in his student years to become a counselor and psychotherapist, he drove taxis (ca. 900.000km) for a number of years. Based on his own painful experience of attracting the partner from Hell, he wrote the psychology self-help eBook ( words): [] Frohmood’s Smart Sex Drive for Singles, which can be found under []. He desires to enrich the reader’s mind with knowledge, promote their psychological safety and wholeness, avoid emotional pain, and become gradually emotional independent, in order to generate a high quality of life. He practices under the name of Frohmood Psychotherapy in Sydney’s West.

Author: Norbert Henke
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