Relationships to be grateful for? Be thankful

4 Relationships We Should be Thankful For

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Yes, this is the quintessential “Thanksgiving” post.  Nothing too deep, just something to ponder while we are recovering from tryptophan psychosis and cranberry overload.

First up…those we can count on.  Note, that I didn’t say those who love us, because sometimes they are not one in the same.  However, I recently sat in a session with a young man who felt he cannot depend on his fiancee, and that statement has impacted me–hence, this article.  Being someone who people can depend on being able to depend on others is a key to having relationships that are meaningful.  Trustworthiness is often a need of those in our lives, and to fulfill that need, creates a deeper connection between two people.  Sure, these same people may take the last buttered roll, and eat your favorite part of the turkey, but ultimately, you can count on them to be there when the chip are down…so let them eat that turkey leg in peace.

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Next…those who give without expectations.  I have people in my life who do this, and I am so thankful for their presence.  Usually, these are the older people in your life who provide wisdom, solace, and even a little “spare change,” if they feel so led.  For me, there is nothing that I can do for these people, but they find my presence to be enough.  This is rare, even in relationships with my peers, and I think this rarity is what makes it so very special.

Third…those who are no longer in our lives.  You knew I couldn’t keep up the meaningful, mushy facade for much longer, right?  While, yes, we do miss those who have passed on, that’s not who I’m referring to.  I’m referring to the people who have vacated the premises of your life through break-up or other forms of termination.  We should be thankful for each of these individuals because they cleared the way for others to come into our lives and be phenomenal with us.  Not everyone who left our lives was bad, but in most cases, we just were not good together, and that is why we’re grateful to them–and for the lessons, we thank you!

Lastly…those who know our story, and love us anyway.  Everyone has a story.  I sit in coaching sessions with couples who have collective and individual stories, and we talk about how the stories shift and intertwine.  Sometimes people know our story–where we’ve come from, if you will–and make every attempt to keep us there.  Others know our story, and love us despite what we’ve said, done, or experienced in our past.  This is another place of solace, and we all need that.

So, there you have it…four relationships we should be thankful for.  Oh yea! There’s one more…the relationship I have with you! (Yes, meaningful and mushy sentiments ride again!)

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Today is Thanksgiving Day! So, most of of are going to celebrate this day with people that we care about (or at least have to act like we care about them), and eat things that you will lament about later.

However, just allow me to take a moment and tell you that I am thankful.  While I am thankful for the good things like friends, family, etc., I am more thankful for the relationships that failed, and the lessons that I learned from those experiences.

I have been privileged to be the relationship coach for a select few of you in the Twitterverse, and I know that it’s the mistakes that I have made that drive me to be the best relationship coach…ever! So, I have to thank the people who made me passionate person who I am.  No, I won’t list them by name, but I am thankful for them.  Coaching allows me to bring both the good and bad of my relationships resume to building a relationship with my clients.  But without the issues, dilemmas, situations and drama, I couldn’t offer my clients a person someone who is committed to their relationship success.

So…that’s why I wanted to take a moment and thank the losers and misguided individuals who made being me possible. 

But seriously, I am thankful, and on my way to something meaningful because of them.

Have a marvelous Thanksgiving!


Coach Steph
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