How our human battery looks when we're tired of this and that.

CONFESSION: I’m tired of…

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Tired of… These days, it doesn’t take much to become tired of something.  Sometimes we’re just tired of our hectic lives and mundane schedules.   Other times, we’re of something particular: the relationship that won’t get back on the right track; the dream that is taking its sweet time coming to pass; the child that acts if they were raised by wolves, despite coming from your very own womb…things like that.

Well, here’s the good news: It’s okay to be tired of whatever you find yourself tired of.

Here’s more news: It’s not okay to stay tired.

If we’re willing to accept that being tired is our fault, then there are many things that we can do to put an end to our tiredness.  Why is it out fault? Because many of things that we are tired of, we cannot control, or change.  So, we’re tired because we have exhausted our energy by putting it into a place that cannot return the investment.

How do you change the relationship that won’t get back on track?  Either accept that it’s going to be the way that it is, or get out of the relationship.  When we stay and try to fix it, and make it change, or change the other person, that doesn’t work…it never works!  So, here we are tired of this relationship.  No, what we’re tired of is things not being the way we think they should be, or not serving us in a positive way.  So deal with it! Seriously.

Same thing with your dreams…are you tired because you’ve done all you can do, or because you did the bare minimum and it didn’t pay off?  Ask yourself, why is this taking so long…is it me? Or…the dream?  Sometimes dreams take as long as they are going to take.  Again, you can accept that or get a new dream.  What’s your choice?  Visionaries these grand individuals who dream vividly, but can also be very, VERY impatient.  But if you’re willing to stay the course and be diligent…I do believe that the manifestation of said dream is closer than you might think.

We’ve saved the best for last…

Now the child…that may be a hard one, or any family member.  But, again, what are you tired of?  Are you tired of trying to get them to clean their room, or do their homework?  Find a purpose? Stop hanging out with him or her?  What if you stop trying?  What if you decide this is unacceptable and that you’re not going to discuss it with them anymore?  After spending weeks, months or years dealing with this situation, what happens if you declare this as the last month for this situation because he or she is going to start seeing a life coach and if that doesn’t change anything then boarding school (or military school) it is.  Wow! That sounds harsh; however, what else are you going to do?

We’ve told you that you deserve the best life (and love), so it’s time to take that to heart and stop being tired of situations that you cannot control or change in your own power.  Make a decision that is best for you (and your sanity), and start being tired of being relaxed…not worrying…not stressing.  See, that doesn’t even make sense.

But…you get the idea. Love YOU! Mean it!