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Writing for The Relationship Firm Blog…

Welcome to the team, and we are so glad to have you on board.  The information in this one-sheet should assist you in achieving literary (yes, literary ) success via the site.

Basic Criteria…

  • Write clearly—please edit and proofread your work before submitting.
  • No profane language/visuals, or use censored language if quoting someone.
  • Three hundred to 600 word maximum.

Writing for The Relationship Firm™!

A few things…

Please be consistent with your writing schedule.  While we realize that life happens, we also don’t want to leave our readers hanging.  Your style is unique and soon, you may find yourself with scores of individuals clamoring for your content.  In order to keep the masses satisfied, please be consistent in uploading and notifying me when you have posted an article.

Please complete your author bio, and add a photo.  Every post will display an author box.  This is your time to let the reader know who they have been interfacing with.

Promote your posts. While we have automated distribution of new content to our Twitter, CRM platform, Triberr and Facebook pages, you should feel free to do the same.

Have a consistent voice.  This will help you brand your writings, and create expectations of what your content will focus on.  While you are being consistent, also be mindful of current events and trending topics, so that you can give your personal perspective on such things.

Use the media library, or include other photos.  Photos help readers visualize the story, so I implore you to always add a photo.

Include backlinks to other stories, pages, etc., that you reference in your work. This is another opportunity to promote yourself or other writings that you may have.  Approximately 3-5 links is fine.  Do not clutter your work with links, it will distract the reader.

Have fun!  That’s pretty self-explanatory.

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